Monday, July 19, 2010

SDCC 2010-Free Gevaudan Promotional Poster

Comic-Con 2010 starts this week and you know what that stuff!

In light of all the cool freebies the show will be offering, Ferric Press had a small quantity of promotional posters for the new book, Gevaudan, printed.

The poster, designed by project artist Emonic, is 11x17 and will be available for free (while supplies last) at his booth for the show. Booth# H11 and H12.

A high quality print of the poster is also available, signed by project writer Chris Williamson and Emonic, and hand numbered out of 25.

It will be priced at $10.


Writer Chris Williamson and artist Emonic announce their newest project, Gevaudan.

"In Seventeen Hundred and Sixty Four,
In the Mercoire forest of old French lore,
A Devilish legend here began,
Of the brutal beast of Gevaudan."

From a concept inspired by the historical events surrounding the French beast of Gevaudan, comes a macabre rhyme of sepulchral churchyards, labyrinthine woods, and supernatural beasts. The book will be presented in short chapters, tentatively 8 pages at a time through the sequential art of graphic artist Emonic and an overlay of verse by Chris Williamson. Release details will be updated as they become available. Chapter one is scheduled for a Halloween 2010 debut.